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Postby C. Koenig » Thu Jan 26, 2017 1:08 am

If you were banned from our public server, you need to understand the following information before you submit an unban request:

1. This server is set up and paid for by the members of PHOENIX, FOR the members of PHOENIX. We have been an Arma unit since 2011, and many of us were together in units before then. We don't take kindly to people that misbehave on the server WE provide. If you think that you deserve some kind of special treatment because you spent an hour on our server, get in line with the 10,000 other players that have been here too.

2. Did you actually read subject number 1? If you aren't a member, realize that you have no special rights here. We don't have to put up with your shit. We aren't 15, and we don't need you. We have jobs, and we pay for this place. We are lax on mods to attract numbers so that lots of people are on. Our real stuff happens on Saturdays when you aren't there. So....

3. If you plan to submit an unban request, read #1 and #2 again. Erase your butthurt post and start again, and proof read. If you need help processing your feelings about your perceived victimization, go here: https://www.safespace.org/ .

4. If you got a laugh out of reading this post, maybe this is the place for you. Submit an application in the appropriate section.
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