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PostPosted: Tue Jun 27, 2017 10:43 pm
by C. Koenig
PHOENIX is running our PHX/Wyker/GREUH Liberation 0.96 on Takistan, Altis, Malden, Chernarus and Sahrani.

Players are required to use CUP Maps/Terrains, RHS AFRF, RHS USAF, and Project Opfor.

If you use mods, we have RHS and CUP content in game, and allow several mods like NiArms MGs, CUP Weapons and Vehicles, M197 by Rad, and many more client-side mods.

If you reach the "mission complete" screen, you are running a PHOENIX banned mod. Disable the mod and rejoin!

Please view the mission tutorial here: ... 6456#p6456

Please note that PHOENIX conducts private operations every Saturday at 8pm Central US Time. Come check us out!