Liberation Tutorial

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Liberation Tutorial

Postby C. Koenig » Sun Jun 04, 2017 3:54 pm


This is an updated version by Wyker of the KP group on the continuation of GREUH Liberation, and has been modified by Koenig for PHOENIX use.

The mission is similar to the previous version but has cleaned up scripting for efficiency-- more importantly many changes have been made to the player experience. Knowing some information beforehand will allow you to better serve your fellow players in achieving the objectives. There IS NO WAY you can do it on your own!

Please note that this mission is dependent on securing resources after taking objectives. Players that squander those resources will be removed from gameplay. So...if you suck at flying jets, better not to purchase that item.

Below is a copy of the in-game tutorial information:


--You begin the campaign either onboard the USS Freedom, or at Chimera base, safe zones the enemy won't dare to attack. Your first choice is to choose where you want to deploy. At first you can only deploy at your starting position but as you progress, more options will become available such as Forward Operating Bases (FOB) and mobile respawns.

--At your starting position you can choose your equipment from a complete Arsenal. You will also find your first FOB packaged inside a container, the Spartan-01 helicopter and a few other small transport helicopters.

--You will have to ferry that container with the Spartan-01 (or choose to start with the first FOB already built). You can deploy this first FOB wherever you want (as long as you're 1km from the starting position and 300m from any sector), so it's up to you to choose the right place to start your campaign offensive. PHOENIX has added a Mohawk helicopter which does not require the DLC to operate. This chopper respawns and can transport the FOB box.

--The primary objective of this campaign is to remove enemy forces from the region entirely. To achieve this, you will have to liberate ALL major towns within the region! This is the only victory condition for the campaign but those cities are tough nuts to crack with only limited resources and a well established enemy force. To succeed, you will have to capture large number of different sectors, each with their own use.

Sectors are split into 5 different types:

    - Points of Interest (PoI): Generally small to medium sized villages/towns, each PoI you control can be upgraded (after building a storage area) to supply one of the three types of resources you will need to continue producing military forces and armaments.

    - Factories: Across the region you will find civilian factories under enemy control. Capture these, as they only need a storage area and can then produce one of any of the three resources, without upgrade. As such they are a very strategic first target!

    - Military Bases: Home to large amounts of highly equipped enemy forces, these installations are heavily defended and will require large and well co-ordinated assaults if you have any hope in capturing them!

    - Radio Towers (RT): When under enemy control, RT will be used to call in reinforcements when a nearby sector is attacked by our own forces. The reaction time will depend on the distance between the tower and the sector. When under friendly control, the towers will give useful map intel on hostile troop movements in the vicinity by intercepting their radio communications.

    - Major Cities: There are several major cities in the region. When all are under friendly control, we will most certainly have beaten back the enemy to a point where they cannot re-establish control. This is your primary objective.

In this campaign you have to manage, store and protect three types of resources:

    SUPPLIES: These are the most essential. Without supplies, you will be unable to deploy additional soldiers or requisition any military hardware. As such, HQ recommends prioritizing these first!

    AMMUNITION: Used to stock armed vehicles such as APC and MBT as well as elite (and heavily armed) soldiers.

    FUEL: Every vehicle needs fuel, some being more thirsty than others.

--You may come across all three resources in any sector but for a considerable and constant supply, you must capture PoI and Factory sectors! Once captured, both require a storage area (scroll menu action) and then a PoI will also require facility construction (again, scroll menu action). All three facilities may be built in any one PoI but you must supply an initial cost to set these facilities up! This is 50 of the specific resource and 100 of the other two.

--The enemy won't let you liberate all of its brand new territory without a reaction. When you begin the campaign, hostile forces will only be composed of the garrisons inside military bases. However as you become more threatening by liberating more and more sectors, they will start calling in more reinforcements and equipment to counter you.

--To limit the enemies operational capabilities, you will have to fulfill secondary objectives that will consist of destroying their logistical bases and raiding their convoys. This is not required to win the campaign but if you ignore the alert level for too long, you're in for quite a lot of resistance.

--To help you succeed in your endeavors, you have a construction capability at every FOB that allows you to deploy infantry, vehicles, defenses, fortifications and so on to your specific location.

--Although infantry, vehicles and defenses will cost resources, fortifications such as structures, sandbags and walls will not (except for the tall tower). The construction system will be available when you are within 100 meters of any FOB.

--When you capture sectors, sometimes the few hostiles forces remaining will surrender. You can then capture those prisoners and take them back to a nearby FOB to be interrogated. That interrogation, executed in the utmost respect of the Geneva convention, will allow you to obtain precise information which can be used to reveal the rough position of an enemy logistics base, enemy convoy or friendly search and rescue.

--After going there you will need to find the exact position of your target, then use any means at your disposal to complete your objective. Succeeding at this task will be rewarded, reducing the alert level consequently and with it the efficiency of all hostile forces
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